NatACL  a firewall group policy controller for intranet and internet.

    NatACL is a firewall group policy controller for intranets and Internet for  linux. Using a internal dhcp server, it can force users to use dhcp client,  ( you can block statics IPs ), it will  bind an IP to a mac address  and enforce this usage. You can control groups to see each other ( intranet policies ) or control who can have access to internet. ( using DNAT/SNAT/FORWARD iptables ). It also has an option to force the user to authenticated over WEB before accessing the internet.

Main Features:
    - Force users to use a dhcp client. 
- Group policies and client policies are based on MAC ADDRESS.
- Creation of ACL's to control which group may see others groups. ( Intranet permissions )
- Force users to authenticated over WEB( HTTP ).
- Define which workstation may access internet using DNAT/SNAT. ( Nat or transparent proxy or both )
- Differents networks (subnets ) on the same logical network are possible. ( each group will have a subnet )
- No configuration files

- README.en ( English )
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- HOWTO.en ( English )


- Download - NatACL - 3.0 - BETA 15


$ cvs login
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$ cvs -z3 co -P natacl Logo